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Army Dog Center is the first company of its type in Pakistan.


Army dog center is the best choice in case you suspect that someone very bear and dear you has been a victim of this crime. Here at army dog Center trained dogs are available which can help in detecting whether your folks have been kidnapped or not.


If you have smelled the stink of a rotten dead body or worse than that, seen a cadaver, be the first to contact the army dog center. We have trained Rottweiler’s and other army dogs for the detection of body parts and other belongings, e.g. wallets, cell phones.


If thieves have raided your home, then please contact the army dog Center on an immediate basis. We have the best equipment to find out about the thieves. We try our best to retrieve your cash, jewelry, etc. by hiring our trained thief detection.

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Army Dog Center:

 Army dog Center serve as a key component in investigation, detection, and finding of criminal or criminal activities. This plays a very important role in the protection of the environment and to keep the citizens safe from any sort of criminal activity. In Pakistan, there are many army dog centers that are providing their services to the nation but out of all our dog center is the most professional one. In case of any theft, murder, kidnapping or any other emergency. Our high trained dogs have always helped the people for the investigations.

Our Highly Trained Dogs:

One of the main reasons why people prefer our dog Centre over the others is the fact that our dog Centre has a vast number of highly trained dogs. The most import is that Our Army dog center Rawalpindi well known for its highly trained dogs. These dogs are trained since when they are puppies for their use in investigations. This training involves repetitions of intensive tasks and exercises which proved very beneficial in the professional training of our dogs. Concerning the breed of our dogs, most of our dogs are German shepherd and Belgian Milionis.

Types of Services

Basically we have a lot of services. If someone has been kidnapped, some theft has taken place or some murder has occurred, then Army Dog Center is the best choice for you. We have the best trained staff to solve your problems on urgent basis. We have different dog breeds of keen senses look for clues. We are eager to tell you that you would not regret your decision of hiring us.

Availability of Service:

We are not like a slack dog company. We are disciplined and know the value of time. We also make sure that our clients are our utmost priority so we make sure that we are available all the time for them. We make sure we do not disappoint you when you need us the most. Our team includes a large number of people who are available round the clock for your convenience, help and satisfaction.

Qualitative Team

This is the era of competition. You cannot survive here with an inefficient and in competitive staff. Who knows this better than us? So, we have designed our teams and goals on this very principle that if your team is hardworking and have good communication with the client, then you can earn their trust. Our team members try their best to understand your problem and solve it. They have modern equipment’s and intellectual methods for kidnapping and murder detection.

Our Mission:

Army dog Center Quetta was developed with the purpose to open a new gateway for the people. Let’s be truthful, we all live in a society where kidnapping, murders and robberies are becoming quite common. We start a company and take initiative to provide our very own people with good services for their help. Army Dog Center is the first company of its type in Pakistan. It was started as a small business but now it has grown all over Pakistan. It has its branches in almost all cities of Pakistan. So, we all are here to help you in case of robberies and kidnapping at reasonable prices.

Why one chooses our Army Dog Centre?

Our dogs proved themselves as highly professional and valuable dogs in different cities like Army Dog Center Peshawar. We are pleased to state that our dogs have been an important piece of investigation of different crimes and directly helped our army as well as police. Our Army dog center always kept its residents safe and sound and always made the country proud.

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